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Here is an overview of the site for easily finding products Here is an overview of the site for easily finding products

Product Directory

  Vac-U-Lock Attachments  

          12 inch attachments These are for the size queens out there. These attachments are GIGANTIC. These attachments are very large. 

          5" Dongs Five inch (12.7 cm)cock attachments for the vac-u-lock system. <BR> About an inch shorter than a US Dollar bill. Not overly long, yet still provides girth. Nice for beginners, those not wanting length.. and even those wanting to experiment with anal 

          6" Dongs Representative of the average male. These six inch cock attachments are as long as a US 20 dollar bill. and range from 1 1/2 to just under 2 inches in diameter 

          7" Dongs Longer than average, these 7 inch cocks provide substantial length and girth. Several varieties are available. 

          8" Dongs Big and filling... These 8 inch attachments are long and thick. Modeled after realistic cocks as well as designed non-phallic shapes. 

          Black/Bi-Racial Dongs Ethnically realistic penises detailed in mulatto and black. 

          Code BLACK  

          Double Dongs These double dongs are double in the sense of penetration. One partner is going to get anal and vaginal stimulation with these over/under combos available in both vibrating and non-vibrating versions. 

          Hollow Cock Strap Ons We provide hollow extensions for a myriad of uses. One of the more popular is for those with ED, or recovering from male related surgeries. Accommodates most penises, and easily provides stimulation for both parties.


          Jelly Dongs Flexible and translucent, jelly dongs are a stylish alternative to realistically colored and molded cocks. 

          Over 8" Dongs Big, massive, and filling. The attachments listed here are much larger than average. 

          Probes Unlike traditional dongs and dildos, probes provide a different shape to stimulate different areas of the anatomy.


          Signature Dongs Modeled after porn stars and famous industry personalities. The strap-on attachments here are famous. 

          Silicone Attachments  

          Specialty Cocks These cocks are slightly different than the standard models. Size, shape or function separate these vac-u-lock attachments from the rest of the product line. 

          UR3 Ultra Realistic Cocks Made from a formula that has been refined for years, UR 3 cocks are the closest thing to real as real can get. UR3 is the most realistic synthetic flesh created to date. Its formula is the result of over 25 years of research and development, making your experience more realistic than you ever thought possible. These UR3 6 and 8 inch dongs are incredibly realistic in detail, texture, and behavior..(except they won't go soft) 

          Vibrating Attachments Heighten the sensations by adding vibration to the mix. These attachments have multispeed bullets integrated within to provide extra stimulation.<BR><BR> 

  Vac-U-Lock Harnesses  

          Vac-u-Lock Harnesses Only This section is just for harnesses. No attachments are included with these units. 

          Ultra Harness 2 Basic entry level harness is adjustable to accomodate a 44 inch waist and compatible with all vac-u-lock accessories. 

          Ultra Harness 2000 Black Leather harness designed with versions for both male and female. Female kit comes with a 7 inch realistic cock and two plugs one small and one large. The male version comes with a 7 inch realistic cock and a butt plug and vac-u-lock powder. All other attachments will fit this harness. 

          Ultra Harness 3000 Unisex and designed to provide pleasure for both men and women. the Ultra Harness 3000 is the latest leather addition to the vac-u-lock family. 

          UR3 Harness Sets These complete harness sets are available with UR3 attachments. For the "closest to real" sensation. The UR3 attachments are Doc Johnsons answer to synthetic skin. 

          Vivid Collection Known for their beauty and sexuality, the VIVID girls now have their own line of strap-ons. Each with a different attachment for a particular stimulation and available in a rainbow of colors, these strap-on kits are a great addition to your sexual expedition. Each harness comes complete with a plug and dong attachment, and can be used with all your other vac-u-lock attachments. 

  Strap On Kits  

          E-Z Rider Balls Control the angle of penetration, the pressure, the depth of the cock, and the speed of the sex yourself while maximizing the pleasure of the ever erect attachment. 

          Kits with Silicone Dongs  

          Limited Edition StrapOns  

          Luxe Supreme Line  

          Platinum Edition Harnesses  

          Plugs w/ 5 inch dongs  

          Plugs w/ 6 inch dongs  

          Plugs w/ 7 inch dongs  

          Plugs w/ 8 inch dongs  

          Signature Harness Kits  

          Ultra 2 Harness Kits These Kits come complete with the ULTRA 2 harness and attachment. The ultra 2 harness is a unisex harness with a full back, bikini style back panel 

          Ultra 3000 Harness Kits The Leather Ultra 3000 Harness comes with the patented ABS plug and is the ultimate in strap-on play. This harness has an adjustable waist up to 49 inches, an open crotch for maximum comfort, easy access, and non-slip action. Designed to give you command and control for your erotic pleasures the Vac-u-Lock plug attaches with snaps to which you can attach any of the vac-u-lock attachments. This Harness can be used by women or men. The opening under the plug is high enough to allow the man\'s penis to hang below, and large enough to allow access to female genitalia 

          Ultra 3000 Leather Harness Kits The Leather Ultra 3000 Harness comes with the patented ABS plug and is the ultimate in strap-on play. This harness has an adjustable waist up to 49 inches, an open crotch for maximum comfort, easy access, and non-slip action. 

          Vibrating Strap On Kits  

  Vac-U-Lock Accessories  

          Plugs Plugs attach to any harness in the vac-u-lock product line and is designed for any attachment. 

          Vac-U-Lock Balls Bouncy ball that moves with your every position. This inflatable Ball can support upto 250 pounds and uses the same red plug as the rest of the product line. All vac-u-lock attachments can be used with this product. 

          Vac-U-Lock Handles Handles for use with all vac-u-lock attachments when a harness cannot be used or is not wanted. Easy grip design and can be used with all attachments

          Vibration Add-ons Accessories to take your vac-u-lock strap on system to another level by providing vibration as another stimuli. 

  Hollow Strap-Ons (Prosthetic Penis Attachments)  

          Prosthetic Penis Attachment These are hollow attachments men can use when suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED. <BR> The flaccid penis can be inserted into the PPA, which is held in place with the elastic. <BR> Intercourse is then performed with the attachment serving as the erect penis 

  New Products  

          Black Rose Collection  

          NEW HARNESSES Vac-u-lock has recently introduced a new line of harnessed..more adjustable for a custom fit, with waists to 69\" and o-rings to accept most dildos with wider bases 

  Other Style Dildos  

          Ejaculating Dildos Realistic Dildos, complete with erupting heads. capable of shooting liquid for added realism 

          Strapless Strap-ons This unique strapless double dildo provides one party with G-spot and clitoral stimulation, 

  Fucking Machines  

          Consumer Grade Machines These machines are great for the bedroom when the desire is burning and the body is aching for non-stop pleasuring. 

          F*king Machine  

          Heavy Duty Machines These machines are designed for whatever you have in mind, or may think of. Great for play parties, dungeons, clubs or wherever non-stop, hard-core penetration is required. <P> These machines are custom made. So there may be a slight wait time for construction depending on demand. 

  Role Play  

          Ball Gags Ball Gags add excitement to any encounter. 

          Bondage - BDSM  

          French Maid Strap On  

          Nurse Outfit Get Pegged by the nurse 

          Plus Size Strap On Role Play  

          School Girl Strap On  

          Soldier Role Play  

  Lubricants & Massage Oils  

          Anal Lubes Lube during anal sex is highly recommended to avoid pain and possible damage. Anal sex lubes are thick than regular lube and clings to surfaces better.



          General Purpose Lubes Available in both water based and silicone base formulas, lubes are recommended for any type of sex. Water based lubes are easy to use and clean up easily. Silicone based lubes are becoming very popular and last longer since they do not dry up like water based lubes do. Water based lube cleans up with soap and water, while silicone based lubes require a bit more effort.


          Massage Lotions Aside from the obvious pleasures of sex, consider the entire body as a pleasure zone. Errogenous zones and pleasure centers can be stimulated with massage enhancing the entire sexual experience. Massage oils and lotions add more sensual aspects to encounters including more touch, smells and heightened sensations. 

          Powder Lubes Applying some powder to the inside of the vac-u-lock attachments keeps attaching and remove them from the harness and plug manageable.


          Prolong Cream So the time together and pleasure can last longer, these product allow greater control over ejaculation. 

          Sex Toy Cleaners  

          Silicone Lubes Silicone lubes are longer lasting, do not wash off in water, and convey the tactile sensation without the irritation. (you do not need a lot, to make things slide) SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH SILICONE TOYS 


We accept Visa, Master Card
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